Kira Lynn Actress/Model

I am 16, graduated high school and just finished my first film.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

I have been so busy! Its homecomeing weekend, but my mind is still on my movie! I have a lot of story ideas but the kinda movies i like could be a lot different from the rest of the teen population. If its possible i would really like some input on some good story lines for the big screen. Im really open to ideas. Just try to keep it PG!! Just jokin! This movie is really important to me i just need a good story line befor i can get sponsors! So tell me what movie you would like to see!
Thanks !

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Hi, I am Kira and I am 16. I am currently going to high school and I will be graduating this year as a junior. My dream is to produce and act in my own movie. I am graduating early so I can persue my dream. Education is also important to me so I will be attending collage after I take a year off. I am a typical teenager. I love to hang with my friends, shop, and shop, but I have been acting since I was 9 and I love it. So, why not take a chance and follow my dreams.

This blog is going to be a way for me to keep track of my goals. Here is where I am so far.

I am working with an experienced producer and a writer to creat a great script that I know everyone will want to go to the movies and see. I know what type of movies my firends and I like to go see.

Next I will be setting up my own web site with pictures and stuff. I want it to be real cool - that may take a while but I will get the simple stuff up asap.

I am also going to be raising money to produce my movie. That is going to be a big step. I will tell you more about that later so come back and see what is up.