Kira Lynn Actress/Model

I am 16, graduated high school and just finished my first film.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

I am 16 and IM producing and acting in my own movie I just need to get some funding before it can take off! I have some ideas for a story line but I am open to ideas so please tell me the plot for the next movie you would like to see! I would be interested in reading it and maybe using so of your ideas
So help me out
I wasn't sure if anyone wrote me for movie ideas but im really interested in what you have to say. The movie is coming along more and more everyday, and i am so excited my childhood dreame is finally coming true. I just need some more ideas for a new teen flick. I wanna do something that hasen't been done before. So let me know. I am interested in any ideas. Its thursday, so have a good weekend!!!